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The mystery of the pyramid of Cheops

How it all started.

It all started back when I encountered a little magazine article which immediately intrigued me. Specifically, I was intrigued by those amazing properties and capabilities of pyramids which were described in that article.

Here is that article:

The mystery of the pyramid of Cheops.

mystery001aThe story began in the late ’50s when a Czech inventor Karel Drbal took interest in why cats or other small animals that accidentally wandered into the Pyramid of Cheops and perished finding no way out turn into mummies, like pharaohs, instead of becoming naturally decomposed. Followed by other scientists, Drbal started exploring the «pyramid effect» and found a great number of unexplainable and yet real-world phenomena. It turned out that pyramids «can do» a lot of things. For example, instant coffee, if put inside a small pyramid, acquires the taste of natural coffee. Cheap cigarettes «sublimate» insomuch that their taste becomes hardly distinguishable from that of refined cigarettes. Food products such as fish, meat, eggs just shrink (mummify) instead of going bad. Water neither blooms nor becomes infected with bacteria – instead, if contaminated with microbes, it becomes decontaminated. Milk does not sour for long, turning with time into a high-quality yogurt. Cheese does not mould and cut flowers, if kept in water seasoned within a pyramid, can live up to 32 days (provided only that the water is replaced with fresh «pyramidal» water on a daily basis). Contaminated jewelry and coins fine down by themselves, while gray hair, if washed with «pyramidal» water, fade away.
In the Polish city of Wroclaw, the Szymanski family has erected a pyramid of pine boards (4.3 m in base, 2.78 m high) on their own plot. They equipped the pyramid with a couch and reside there for 15 minutes every day. All of the family claim that this procedure enhances the clarity of thought, improves the mood, sharpens intuition, relieves stress, and give a surge of vitality. Meanwhile, one American has equipped his bedroom in the form of a pyramid. A few days later, he found his weight to be reduced and memory improved to a great extent. Some information for those who dare to repeat this experience: any pyramid is divided into three zones: the first zone takes one third of the ceiling height starting from the floor, the next zone is neutral and takes a second third, and, finally, the third zone makes the last third to the top. The healing effect only takes place in this last zone. No need to hold your head under the very top — it is enough to hold it just above the lower boundary of the third zone. Why it all happens, no one yet knows. Meanwhile, a number of companies have been established in the West to produce the so-called «household» pyramids. Karel Drbal, with whom it all started, obtained a patent for the method of sharpening safety razor blades within a tiny Pyramid of Cheops made of any dielectric (the better dielectric properties the material has, the better the pyramid «works»). The expert who tested the patent sufficiency shaved 111 times using one blade.
You can check out «the Cheops effect» yourself by making a pyramid-shaped cardboard for sharpening safety razors. By and large, a pyramid is a real treasure for school naturalists groups or home experimenters. «Geometricians» can calculate all of the Cheops Pyramid dimensions (using the height of 146.59 m, the base side length of 230.35 m and the wall slope of 51°52′), thus deducing the number «pi», the distance between the Earth and the Sun, the Earth’s weight and polar radius, the mass of the Sun and the Moon or the average density of the Earth. «Physicists» can undertake using two magnets (in front and on the back of a blade) to make up for Earth’s magnetic field as well as putting the pyramid in an slant position (taking into account the magnetic declination in their area). «Chemists» will be interested in growing boiled salt crystals of unusual shape inside the pyramid. «Biologists» will see for themselves the unusual way that colloid solutions settle out in layers and what ordinary blood turns into inside the pyramid. It might also be funny to watch a house fly inside the pyramid, if only that it’s made of transparent material. As for «Historians», they will be provided an instructive guide to the subject «Ancient Egypt». 

September, 1989.


PYRAMID / the parameters / my conclusions:

During the construction of the pyramid of Cheops, is taken into account was the extent of the length of longitude at the equator, the latitude is not!

The length of one degree of longitude at the equator is equal to 110592 m.



110592 m / 60’ = 1843.2 m
Length 1′ = 1843.2 m

1843.2 m / 60” = 30.72 m
Length 1” = 30.72 m

1 foot = 0.3072 m  (foot is equal to 1/100 seconds of arc degrees)
1 cubit = 0.4608 m  (cubit is equal to 1/1000 seconds of time or 1,5 feet)


Foot and elbow twice refer to parameters of the Earth:
foot is equal to 1/100 seconds of arc degrees, and elbow 1/1000 seconds of time!


Parameters of the pyramid of Cheops (with panelling):

Length / Width = 230.4 m; (500 cubits or 1/8 minutes).
The perimeter of the pyramid = 921.6 m; (2000 cubits or 30″).
Apothem = 184.32 m; (400 cubits or 1/10 minutes).
Height = 143.88 m.


After reading this article, I got eagerly anxious to find out whether or not there were any structures in the history of the Earth that had the same positive characteristics and properties as pyramids have. How it all happens, what makes it happen, and can we use all of this knowledge in our lives. The House of Wise King Solomon is many times greater than the known properties of the pyramids. You can see that for yourself.


And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east, and all the wisdom of Egypt.
1 Kings 4:30

table 05


Seven pillars of wisdom !!!

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established;
by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.
Proverbs 24:3,4.

house of king Solomon 06


Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out her seven pillars.
Proverbs 9:1.

1. Power

2. Riches

3. Wisdom

4. Might

5. Honor

6. Glory

7. Blessing

See Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.


When the parameters change — change properties of an object !!!

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